about me

hello world nice to meet you, i'm silly, and you've found yourself on my silly site as opposed to a serious site i maybe do/maybe don't have and on this page you'll get to learn more about me!

⚞ my name is daph aka day aka tonsi tenpi

i am trans female, nonbinary, gendervoid and femflux and pronouns are she/her they/them and it/its (with no preference for one over the other).

i'm also on these sites

follow me! in a normal internet-like type of following, you know, on the internet.

here's some places where i am not, and will likely never be:
  • twitter (because it stinks and the owner stinks) (bad stink) (they platform fascists)
  • facebook (and any other facebook product i.e. threads, instagram, whatsapp) (because they are war criminals) (also they banned me for changing my name) (they too platform fascists)
  • bluesky (because it's twitter 2.0 and funded by cryptobros pushing bad ideas and following the same doomed path as twitter)
  • telegram (because they're actual nazis and like to ban queer ppl)

more about me

i also am a vtuber but maybe i'll add more about that later, if i finish my new avatar and stop being on hiatus

if you see a cow, or see me using a cow emoji, or see me being a cow, feel free to moo/mu!

other things about myself, things i like, or things i am, all thrown on a big pile:

dutch • nd • autistic • vtuber • cow • video games • ui & ux design • accessibility design • 3d printing • hamburgers • coffee • formula one • nerd • toki pona • creativity • banned in the usa